Oceans is a BBC documentary series narrated by Mark Halliley, exploring some of the most challenging parts of the Earth's oceans and revealing the hidden stories of the deep. The series consists of eight episodes, each of which explores a different part of the Earth's oceans and seas: the Sea of Cortez, the Southern Ocean, the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. Starring explorer Paul Rose, maritime archaeologist Lucy Blue, marine biologist Tooni Mahto and environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr, the series ventures into some of the planet's most challenging environments and seeks to provide a better understanding of the state of the Earth's oceans today, their role in the past, present and future and their significance in global terms.

Episode 1 - Sea of Cortez

Episode 1 - Sea of Cortez
This episode explore how the Sea of Cortez, home to the greatest variety of whales and dolphins in the world, is under threat.

Episode 2 - Southern Ocean
This episode investigates why parts of the Southern Ocean are warming twice as fast as the rest of the world's oceans and looks at the impact of this phenomenon.

Episode 3 - Red Sea
This episode tackles the remote and previously unexplored Southern Red Sea, teeming with marine life and home to some of the warmest waters on the planet.

Episode 4 - Atlantic Ocean
This episode explores a corner of the Atlantic Ocean. This ocean is the youngest of the great oceans and critical in influencing our climate.

Episode 5 - Indian Ocean
This episode explores the remote and pristine underwater worlds of the Indian Ocean.

Episode 6 - Indian Ocean Coastal Waters
This episode explores the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean to discover what happens when the powerful Indian Ocean collides with the edge of a continent.

Episode 7 - Mediterranean Sea
This episode embarks on an expedition to explore the profound effect that man is having on the Mediterranean Sea.

Episode 8 - Arctic Ocean
This episode ventures into one of the world's most hostile environments, the Arctic Ocean, which plays a crucial role in controlling our climate.

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Oceans is an eight-part series on BBC Two, which seeks to provide a better understanding of the state of the Earth's oceans today, their role in the past, present and future and their significance in global terms.
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