Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea

Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea is a six-part documentary series narrated by Ian McShane, telling inside stories of incredible shipwrecks and the attempts to bring them to the surface. Scattered across the ocean floor lies a unique and extensive record of human history. Preserved for centuries, ships await the investigations that will reveal their secrets. Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea takes us on a unique underwater odyssey to unlock these secrets. The series tells the stories of six of the world's most important underwater archaeological sites, and shows how history is coming to life at the bottom of the sea. Six teams of marine archaeologists from around the world apply the latest scientific technologies, deploying a battery of new techniques to dive deep and solve the toughest archaeological riddles.

Episode 1 - The Mystery of the M1

Episode 1 - The Mystery of the M1
Ian McShane narrates an investigation into the sinking in 1925 of Britain's most advanced submarine, which left 69 men dead. An ex-Navy diver sets out to solve the mystery.

Episode 2 - Blackbeard's Revenge
This program investigates the hard evidence surrounding the legend of Blackbeard the pirate. A 300-year-old wreck uncovered by hurricanes in the waters off North Carolina might provide some answers.

Episode 3 - Pandora's Secrets
This episode tells the the story of HMS Pandora, which in 1791 was sent to capture the mutineers from the Bounty. Having caught 14 of them, she was on her way home when disaster struck.

Episode 4 - Cromwell's Forgotten Wreck
This episode uncovers the secrets of a ship sent in 1653 by oliver Cromwell to attack the Royalist stronghold at Duart Castle, in Scotland. It did not survive its mission, and the wreck is now under threat.

Episode 5 - The Lost Fleet
This program follows American adventurer Barry Clifford's quest to uncover the remains of a French fleet lost in treacherous waters off the Venezuelan coast over 300 years ago.

Episode 6 - Priceless Cargo
This program follows adventurer Steve Sargison, as he faces the greatest challenge of his long career. Eighty metres below his boat, in clear Philippine waters, may lie a fortune in gold.

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