Strange Days on Planet Earth

Strange Days on Planet Earth is a four-part National Geographic documentary series narrated by Edward Norton, concerning human impact on the environment. Crumbling houses in New Orleans are linked to voracious creatures from southern China. Vanishing forests in Yellowstone are linked to the disappearance of wolves. An asthma epidemic in the Caribbean is linked to dust storms in Africa. Spanning various countries including Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Uganda, and USA, the series shows that seemingly disparate events are connected and reveals a cause and effect relationship between what we as humans do to the Earth and what that in turn does to our environment and ecosystems.

Episode 1 - Invaders

Episode 1 - Invaders
This episode investigates invasive species and their ecological and economic impacts.

Episode 2 - The One Degree Factor
This episode looks at climate change, drought in Africa, dust clouds over the Atlantic, and respiratory problems in Trinidad.

Episode 3 - Predators
This episode discusses the role that predators play in natural ecosystems.

Episode 4 - Troubled Waters
This episode examines polluted waters and their effects around the world.

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