Nature's Weirdest Events

Nature's Weirdest Events is a two-part BBC documentary presented by Chris Packham, telling the real story of some of the weirdest natural phenomena on the planet. Nature can be cute, scary and stunning, but it can also provide the most awesome, amazing and astonishing sights such as a car cocooned by caterpillars in Holland, fish falling from the sky and a storm that turned Sydney crimson. Watching original footage and consulting eyewitnesses and scientists, Chris Packham unravels the facts behind some of the most bizarre and mysterious natural wonders to ever appear on the planet - and explains what on earth was going on.

Episode 1 - The Car Cocooned by Caterpillars in Holland

Episode 1 - The Car Cocooned by Caterpillars in Holland
The car cocooned by caterpillars in Holland; the baffling case of the exploding toads in Germany; in Switzerland a lakeside town is entombed in ice; in Australia a storm turns Sydney crimson overnight.

Episode 2 - The Incredible Sea Foam
The incredible sea foam which turns part of the Australian coast into what looks like the world's biggest bubble bath; the mysterious death of thousands of sea birds on America's west coast; the fish that fell from the sky in south London.

Episode 3 - The Town that was Brought to a Standstill by a Swarm of Flying Insects
The town that was brought to a standstill by a swarm of flying insects; the polar bears whose bizarre friendships shocked a community; the sleepless residents kept awake by a lover's deafening serenade.

Episode 4 - A Village Awash with Billions of Tiny Crabs
This episode travels to a village awash with billions of tiny crabs, meets people who faced an angry mob of elk and visits the town that woke up to an apocalyptic sky.

Episode 5 - The Secret of a Frozen Frog that can Bring Itself Back to Life
This episode discovers the secret of a frozen frog that can bring itself back to life, unmasks the slimy character responsible for mysterious oceanic ooze and delves into the underworld of real-life zombies.

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