Thailand: Earth's Tropical Paradise

Thailand: Earth's Tropical Paradise is a three-part BBC nature documentary series hosted by Sophie Okonedo, exploring the tropical paradise of Thailand. The series explores Thailand's astonishing wildlife, landscape and culture in three distinct geographic regions: northern Thailand, dominated by mountains and cloaked in forest; central Thailand, dominated by the predominantly flat Chao Phraya river valley; and southern Thailand, consisting of the narrow Kra Isthmus that widens into the Malay Peninsula.

Episode 1 - The Secrets of the South

Episode 1 - The Secrets of the South
Southern Thailand is the Thailand we think we all know. It is a place of both spectacular natural beauty and of wild parties, but behind this well-known image is also a place of unexpected surprise, where spirituality pervades every bit of life. For the animals that live here, this is natural wonderland.

Episode 2 - The Central Heartland
In central Thailand's forests, fertile plains and even city streets, nature finds a way of living alongside people. Spirituality can be found in human and animal relationships, both likely and unlikely. This bustling region is known as the nation's rice bowl - but even here, there are magical places to be found.

Episode 3 - The Mysterious North
Northern Thailand is dominated by mountains and cloaked in forest. It hides ancient creatures and surprising partnerships. To survive here, both the wildlife and people rely on maintaining the natural harmony of the mysterious north.

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