Around the World in 80 Gardens

Around the World in 80 Gardens is a ten-part BBC documentary series presented by British gardener Monty Don, taking us on a journey to the world's 80 most inspiring gardens. In this series, Monty Don travels all over the world and looks at eighty gardens of the most beautiful, intriguing or unusual gardens in the world. Those gardens include the ancient water gardens of Mexico City in Mexico, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Australia, the gardens of the Taj Mahal in India, the floating gardens of the Amazon in Brazil, the Yellow Mountains of Huangshan in China, the Jim Thompson's Garden in Thailand, the Alhambra in Spain, and the gardens of the Villa D'Este in Italy.

Episode 01 - Mexico and Cuba

Episode 01 - Mexico and Cuba
In Mexico, Monty Don visits the ancient water gardens of Mexico City and a surrealist fantasy garden hidden in the rainforest. In Cuba, he discovers a green revolution sprouting out of crumbling colonial lawns.

Episode 02 - Australia and New Zealand
Monty Don travels to Australia and New Zealand, two of the youngest gardening cultures in the world: The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney; The Garden Vineyard, Moorooduc; Ayrlies Garden, Auckland; etc.

Episode 03 - India
Monty Don visits the majestic tomb gardens of the Mughal emperors, the pleasure gardens of the Hindu Maharajahs, and the famous architectural gardens at the Taj Mahal.

Episode 04 - South America
Monty Don travels to South America to see some of inspiring gardens there: the private garden of Brazil's artist, Burle Marx; the ingenious floating gardens of the Amazon; Estancia Dos Talas, The Pampas; etc.

Episode 05 - The United States of America
Monty Don meets garden guerrillas in New York, visits a Virginian garden that reflects the birth of the nation. He travels to California to see if gardens there reflect more than the glitz of the movie industry.

Episode 06 - China and Japan
Monty Don visits some of inspiring gardens in China and Japan: the ancient scholars' gardens of Suzhou; the Yellow Mountains of Huangshan; the Imperial Summer Palace Gardens of Beijing; Ryoan-ji, Kyoto; etc.

Episode 07 - The Mediterranean: Spain, Morocco and Italy
Monty Don continues his extraordinary journey in the Mediterranean - the cradle of European civilization: The Villa d'Este, Tivoli; The Aguedal, Marrakech; The Alhambra and Generalife, Granada; etc.

Episode 08 - South Africa
At Cape Town's famous Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens he sees the King Proteus, South Africa's national plant. In the Drakensberg Mountains he sees some native flora in its natural environment.

Episode 09 - Northern Europe
Monty Don views the floral wonders of Britain's Sissinghurst Castle and the vivid palette of impressionist painter Monet at Giverny. He enjoys the quirky individuality of the garden of one of his favourite Belgian designers.

Episode 10 - South-East Asia
Monty Don visits some of inspiring gardens in South East Asia: the Jim Thompson's Garden, Bangkok; The Grand Palace, Bangkok; The City in a Garden, Singapore; Pura Taman Ayun, Mengwi, Bali; etc.

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