How to Be a Gardener

How to Be a Gardener is a BBC documentary series presented by gardener Alan Titchmarsh, providing a complete online guide gardening for beginners. Let's face it, gardening can be pretty daunting. All those Latin names, the bugs and blights that can attack your plants just when they are looking their prettiest. How does anyone manage to grow anything? The series consists of eight 30-minute long episodes that cover everything you need to know to give you a great start in gardening.

Episode 1 - Know Your Plot

Episode 1 - Know Your Plot
You'll need to know what sort of soil you have, how much light there is and the prevailing weather conditions.

Episode 2 - Understand Plants
Find out about a wide range of plants: from trees and shrubs to climbers, perennials, annuals and bulbs. Learn a thing or two about Latin names too.

Episode 3 - Planting Schemes & Themes
Learn about planting design and combinations of form, colour and texture. Gain the confidence to combine plants and colors to create particular styles or moods to suit your garden.

Episode 4 - Practical Planting
Find out how to prepare the ground before planting and what is involved, from digging in organic matter to choosing plants in nurseries and garden centres.

Episode 5 - Caring for Your Garden
Learn how attention and adjustment, such as feeding, watering and pruning ensure healthy growth and appeal in your garden.

Episode 6 - Problem Solving
Recognize the symptoms of individual pests and diseases. Learn how to treat them and where possible, prevent them, so that you can enjoy a working relationship with nature that suits you.

Episode 7 - The Productive Garden
You don't need a big garden to experience the thrill of growing your own fresh crops. Learn the basic requirements for growing fruit and vegetables.

Episode 8 - The Gardening Year
Year-round gardening has many rewards. Get in touch with the seasonal nature of the garden and find out the necessary planning and maintenance skills to ensure year-round interest.

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