The A to Z of Gardening

The A to Z of Gardening is a BBC documentary series hosted by Carol Kirkwood, taking us on a journey through the world of horticulture. The series consists of 24 videos progressing in alphabetical order. In each episode, Carol Kirkwood looks at themes which is concerned with the world of gardening and that all begin with a letter in the alphabet. Throughout her journey, Carol Kirkwood gets inspiration and advice from some of the BBC's most popular garden presenters and programmes.

Episode 01 - Letter A Episode 13 - Letter M
Episode 02 - Letter B Episode 14 - Letter N
Episode 03 - Letter C Episode 15 - Letter O
Episode 04 - Letter D Episode 16 - Letter P
Episode 05 - Letter E Episode 17 - Letter Q
Episode 06 - Letter F Episode 18 - Letter R
Episode 07 - Letter G Episode 19 - Letter S
Episode 08 - Letter H Episode 20 - Letter T
Episode 09 - Letter I Episode 21 - Letter U
Episode 10 - Letter J Episode 22 - Letter V
Episode 11 - Letter K Episode 23 - Letter W
Episode 12 - Letter L Episode 24 - Letters X, Y & Z

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