The Truth about Climate Change

The Truth about Climate Change is a two-part documentary series presented by David Attenborough, about global warming and the surrounding controversy. In the first program Are We Changing Planet Earth? David Attenborough investigates the effects and probable causes of global warming, highlighting several meteorological and climatological catastrophes: Hurricane Katrina, the collapse of glaciers in Greenland, drought in the Amazon River, forest fires in Australia, and one of Europe's hottest summers (that caused 27,000 deaths). In the second program Can We Save Planet Earth? he looks at the future in more detail and discusses mitigating actions that can be taken. Computer graphics are used to demonstrate how the atmosphere is polluted by day-to-day activities that human beings take for granted.

Episode 1 - Are We Changing Planet Earth?

Episode 1 - Are We Changing Planet Earth?
David Attenborough explores just how far climate change is altering our planet, from drought-stricken rainforest to declining polar bears, from flooded homes to bleached coral. He searches for the evidence that it is our daily activities which are radically changing the climate, leaving the future of Earth largely up to us.

Episode 2 - Can We Save Planet Earth?
David Attenborough explores just how much climate change is altering our planet. He looks ahead to find out what needs to be done to save Planet Earth from the worst impact of global warming and discovers what could happen to the planet once a 'tipping point' of carbon emissions is reached.

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