Wild Connection

Wild Connection is a six-part CIN TV documentary series that uncovers the astonishing similarities and sharp differences between two of earth's richest biological points located between continents - the Isthmus of Panama and the Iberian Peninsula. These geographical bridges between huge land masses create unique places where the flora and fauna of two continents intermingle. The narrow strip of land connecting the continents of the Americas is an authentic Noah's ark with huge number of species, all of them coming from south and north and making their home Central America, a geological newcomer, when compared to the age of the land masses north and south. Africa and Europe are separated by the narrowest of sea passages at Gibraltar and a the border territory of the Iberian peninsula. This region features the richest biodiversity in Europe, with its umbilical cord to the African continent.

Episode 1 - The Great Bridge

Episode 1 - The Great Bridge
When the Isthmus of Panama closed four million years ago, the two largest oceans of the planet were separated and massive geological events created a unique place that would grow some of the most fascinating life on Earth.

Episode 2 - Tracks in the Jungle
Central America is home to some of the most breathtaking animals in the world. In vast and dramatic forests, several dynamic species of animal cohabitate from the fierce jaguar to the clever monkey.

Episode 3 - Nature's Erector Set
This is a long, mountainous passage where hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals live. The umbilical cord that linked the continents also created one of the richest and most diverse places on earth - the Caribbean rainforests.

Episode 4 - The Old World Connection
This episode explores the formation of the Iberian Peninsula. With warm sheltering tropics in its southern regions and a mountainous north of wet and old Euro-Siberian forests, the Iberian Peninsula contains a variety and distinctive character all its own.

Episode 5 - Forests Between Two Worlds
From the placid wood grouse, to large herbivores like the chamois and the Spanish ibex, to dynamic predators like bears and wolves, this episode chronicles life in the animal worlds of this lush and varied region.

Episode 6 - The Mediterranean Puzzle
The flow of species from Mediterranean Iberia and Africa creates a rich variety of fauna that leaves the land and landscape deeply transformed.

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