The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man

The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man is a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, providing an overview of the history, natural history and archeology of the Mediterranean. The series consists of four episodes which describe man's relationship with the natural habitats of the Mediterranean and provide a glorious portrait of the landscape, wildlife and plants of the Mediterranean. From the earliest human settlements to the cities of today, from the forests of the North African shore and the Middle East to Southern Europe, the series tells the dramatic story of man and nature at work.

Episode 1 - The Making of the Garden

Episode 1 - The Making of the Garden
This episode looks at the natural history of the Mediterranean: the creation of the Mediterranean sea, wildlife, and human's activities as hunter-gatherers.

Episode 2 - The Gods Enslaved
This episode explores the influence of the first Mediterranean civilizations, focusing on the change of human's attitudes toward animals.

Episode 3 - The Wastes of War
This episode looks at how wars that have happened in the Mediterranean influenced the wildlife and humans of the region and Europe.

Episode 4 - The Strangers in the Garden
This episode examines man's impact on the Mediterranean during the twentieth century.

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