Atlas 4D

Atlas 4D is a Discovery Channel documentary series showcasing the natural beauty of the world with groundbreaking technology. The series consists of three episodes, which feature landscapes that have evolved over millions of years to tell the story of Africa's Great Rift Valley, the Hawaiian Islands and the Mediterranean. Uncovering connections between geology, natural history and indigenous peoples, Atlas 4D reveals how the formation of the Rift Valley forced a crucial evolutionary step for humankind, how an ancient ice age provided Polynesian settlers in Hawaii with a breakthrough technology, and how the spread of Islam sparked the Italian Renaissance in the Mediterranean.

Episode 1 - The Great Rift Valley
This episode looks at how the Great Rift Valley changed Africa, along with its impact on indigenous animals and people.

Episode 2 - Hawaii
This episode looks at how the Hawaiian island chain was made, its impact on the rest of the world and its natural wonders.

Episode 3 - The Mediterranean
This episode examines how the Mediterranean formed, its impact on wildlife and people of the region, and historical and cultural connections between the ancient and modern societies.

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