The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart

The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by Hugh Quarshie, focusing on the landscape and wildlife of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. The series consists of three episodes investigating the geological forces which shaped East Africa's Great Rift and which make it one of the world's most wildlife-rich landscapes. Visible from space, Africa's Great Rift Valley runs three thousand miles from the Red Sea to the mouth of the Zambezi. It's a diverse terrain of erupting volcanoes, forest-clad mountains, spectacular valleys, rolling grasslands, huge lakes and mighty rivers, and is home to crocodiles, hippos, lions, elephants, flocks of flamingos and a diversity of indigenous peoples.

Episode 1 - Fire

Episode 1 - Fire
This episode shows how life has adapted to the volcanic highlands bordering the Great Rift Valley in East Africa, stretching from Ethiopia to Tanzania.

Episode 2 - Water
This episode explores East Africa's rich variety of waterways - rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caustic springs and coral seas - spanning from Egypt to Mozambique.

Episode 3 - Grass
This episode documents the Rift Valley's savannah ecosystem - trees, grass, grazers and their predators, and primates.

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