Wild Africa

Wild Africa is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by Fergal Keane, exploring the varied habitats of Africa and the wildlife that lives there. The series consists of six episodes, each of which focuses on the animal and plant life of a particular environment - mountains, savannah, deserts, coasts, jungle, and lakes and rivers - and shows how each has adapted or modified its behaviour to survive that ecosystem. The series is full of aerial photography and wildlife footage to show how natural phenomena such as seasonal changes influence the patterns of life.

Episode 1 - Mountains

Episode 1 - Mountains
This episode looks at Africa's mountain ranges including the Ethiopian Highlands, the Cape Highlands and the Rift Mountains of East Africa, as well as life living in those habitats.

Episode 2 - Savannah
This episode looks at Africa's savannah, home to the greatest herds on Earth, focusing on the ecosystem of the vast grass land.

Episode 3 - Deserts
This episode explores Africa's deserts and animal species that live in those habitats, from the Namib to the Karoo and the Sahara.

Episode 4 - Coasts
This episode explores life living around Africa's coasts in a counterclockwise direction from the Cape of Good Hope to the Red sea coast and the Namib desert coast.

Episode 5 - Jungle
This episode looks at life living in Africa's rainforests, which cover equatorial Africa from Uganda to Sierra Leone.

Episode 6 - Lakes and Rivers
This episode explores rivers and lakes in Africa and looks at how water influences life on the continent.

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