Slow Train Through Africa

"Africa. There's nowhere else quite like it. A billion people speaking thousands of languages and a paradise of wild animals and natural wonders. I'm going to take it on in an unhurried manner aboard Africa's railways. It's the ideal way to meet its people and to experience its beauty." - Griff Rhys Jones.

Slow Train Through Africa is a five-part travel documentary series presented by Griff Rhys Jones, in which Griff Rhys Jones explores Africa, home to astonishing wildlife, mighty rivers, the driest deserts and a billion people - in an unhurried way along the continent's railways. The series takes us on a journey along the coast of North Africa, over the savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania, through the forests of Zambia and Zimbabwe, across the deserts of Namibia and to the tip of South Africa.

Episode 1 - Namibia

Episode 1 - Namibia
Griff's journey takes him from the bustling far north of Namibia, through the renowned Etosha National Park and across the Namib Desert to the Skeleton Coast.

Episode 2 - North Africa
Griff Rhys Jones begins a 1700 mile adventure across North Africa. It's an exhilarating journey through Marrakesh, Fes, Algeria and Tunisia to the edge of the Sahara.

Episode 3 - Kenya and Tanzania
Griff Rhys Jones attempts to zigzag his way 1200 miles through Kenya and Tanzania.

Episode 4 - Zambia and Zimbabwe
Griff Rhys Jones takes the train through Zambia and Zimbabwe, via one of the wonders of the world - the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Episode 5 - South Africa
In the last of Griff Rhys Jones' epic adventures through Africa by train, he crosses a thousand miles of South Africa, reaching the most southerly passenger railway station on the continent.

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