Wild Italy

Italy is not without reason one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. Yet its fascinating wildlife remains largely unknown: wolves and brown bears in the forests of Northern Italy, flamingos in the Po delta and dolphins off the coast of Sicily. Stunning time-lapse and slow-motion footage show the country's flora and fauna in a completely new light and landscapes unfold impressively in majestic aerial photography. This two-part documentary sets itself apart from others of its kind, with spectacular pictures capturing the unique light and atmosphere of Italy.

Episode 1 - From the Alps to Tuscany

Episode 1 - From the Alps to Tuscany
From the snow-covered Dolomites to the blue of the Mediterranean; the landscape of Italy is already a favourite for many people. Away from the premium travel destinations, however, rare species such as the Apennine chamois, greater flamingos and basking sharks can be found in natural settings.

Episode 2 - From Sardinia to Abruzzo
For many people Sardinia is the Mediterranean dream island: cliche-like picturesque coastlines are a reality here. The breathtaking underwater world is concealed beneath the crystal-clear water surrounding the island. Then on to Abruzzo, the same latitude as Rome, the wild heart of southern Italy.

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