Visions of Europe

Visions of Europe is a collection of videos full of spectacular views and breathtaking scenes with aerial footage from across Europe. This collection includes the cities and countryside in places such as; Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, and many Great Cities in the rest of Europe. The filming was done on helicopter mounted high-definition cameras. The result is some of the most beautiful looks at Europe that can be seen without leaving your home. The aerial views are amazing, giving you glimpses of the popular destinations that cannot be seen from the ground. Whether highlighting the vast untouched natural destinations, such as mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers, or the cities that are mixtures of old and new architecture, the episodes give breathtaking views.

Episode 01 - The Great Cities of Europe
Episode 02 - Greece
Episode 03 - Greece Off the Beaten Path
Episode 04 - Austria
Episode 05 - Italy: The Great Cities
Episode 06 - Italy: Northern Style
Episode 07 - Italy: Southern Style
Episode 08 - Sicily
Episode 09 - Germany: Bavaria
Episode 10 - Germany: Along the Rhine
Episode 11 - France: Provence
Episode 12 - France: the Riviera
Episode 13 - England
Episode 14 - Scotland
Episode 15 - Ireland
Episode 16 - Wales

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