Andes to Amazon (Wild South America)

Andes to Amazon (Wild South America) is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by Fergal Keane, about the wildlife and their habitats of South America. The series consists of six 50-minute episodes, each of which deals with a different aspect of the South American continent. The first episode "Lost Worlds" traces the events that have created the unique landforms and ecology of South America. The remainder of the series look at the continent's amazing diversity of wildlife, exploring different habitats that include the Amazon River, the Andes, Brazil's Cerrado grasslands, the Amazon rainforest, and the South American coast.

Episode 1 - Lost Worlds

Episode 1 - Lost Worlds
This episode traces the events that have created the unique landforms and ecology of South America.

Episode 2 - Mighty Amazon
This episode shows how life along the Amazon River is dominated by the annual cycle of floods.

Episode 3 - Great Plains
This episode features Brazil's Cerrado grasslands and the Pantanal, the largest seasonal swamp on Earth.

Episode 4 - Andes
This episode takes us a journey along the Andes, the spine of the continent, from the northern tropics to the Altiplano and Patagonia.

Episode 5 - Amazon Jungle
This episode covers the Amazon rainforest, home to more varieties of plants and animals than anywhere else on Earth.

Episode 6 - Penguin Shores
This episode explores the wildlife of the South American coast, focusing on penguins.

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