Wild Untamed Brazil

Wild Untamed Brazil is a five-part documentary series that explores the diverse and extreme wildlife habitats and stunning landscapes of Brazil. Brazil is a land of gigantic proportions. Brazil is energetic, flamboyant and fun, but also overwhelmingly beautiful. Within its mountains, seas, rainforests, deserts and millions of miles of rivers, are many of our planet's last wild frontiers. Its diversity of life and landscape is second to none. In each episode, the viewer will be taken on a journey across fabulous landscapes and will meet carefully selected, charismatic and little-known animal species. The series will investigate their fight for survival and their amazing adaptations to local environments. It will show behaviour that will surprise even avid nature-lovers. Brazil is a rapidly developing country.

Episode 1 - Jewels of the Jungle

Episode 1 - Jewels of the Jungle
Coatimundis are comical-looking creatures with their long noses and banded tails. But appearances can be deceptive - coatis are extremely efficient hunters.

Episode 2 - Feast of the Giant Anteater
The grassland that covers Brazil's central region is the country's least-known habitat, defined by fires and dramatic summer thunderstorms. Brazil's giant anteater is the most charmingly ridiculous animal on Earth, feeding on termites using a hugely long tongue.

Episode 3 - The Jaguar's Lair
Each year the Pantanal switches from grassland to swamp and back. Jaguar, giant otters, fish and caiman each take turns in the ascendant. During the Pantanal's annual floods, the many thousands of fish and caiman are in their element. But it is always the jaguar who rules over the glittering swamplands.

Episode 4 - Dolphin Coast
Brazil's coast stretches from the cool temperate waters of the south to the mouth of the Amazon, the equator and beyond, Brazil's coast includes a large number of remote islands off the coast. Undoubtedly the most formidable is Snake Island.

Episode 5 - Shadow of the Eagle
The harpy eagle is the world's biggest bird of prey, capable of hunting and killing monkeys. But smaller creatures have a far greater impact. The largest rainforest in the world still holds many secrets. As the water retreats, small fish play out life and death scenes in the shrinking lakes and lagoons.

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