Journey into Amazonia

Journey into Amazonia is a three-part documentary series that features the swollen rivers, flooded forests and dense canopy of the vast rainforest recognized as one of Earth's natural wonders. For three years, producer Harry Marshall and his team braved sweltering heat and insect swarms to capture the changing seasons of a magical world. This three-part wildlife series offers an enchanting look at rarely seen creatures as they contend with the volatile waters of the world's largest river system. The river's rich, turbulent waters sustain a vast cast of characters, including seven-foot otters, fruit-harvesting fish, fresh water dolphins and manatees. On land, stealthy jaguars prowl, acrobatic monkeys defy gravity and keen eyed harpy eagles soar.

Episode 1 - Waterworlds

Episode 1 - Waterworlds
Featuring the giant otter and the boto dolphin, this episode looks at the churning waters of the world's mightiest river, the force that creates, destroys and shapes Amazonia.

Episode 2 - The Land Reborn
This episode reveals a new world teeming with predators. Stealthy jaguars prowl, army ants swarm and tarantulas bring down rodent prey as two and a half million square miles of rainforest emerge from the floods.

Episode 3 - The Big Top
Harpy eagles carry off full-grown monkeys and algae-covered tree sloths live upside down. This episode examines the life and death drama that occurs daily in the canopy more than 100 feet above the forest floor.

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