Forces of Nature with Brian Cox

Forces of Nature is a four-part science documentary series presented by physicist Brian Cox, uncovering how some of our planet's most beautiful sights and events are created by the underlying forces of nature.

"The natural world is beautiful, but complex. The skies dance with colour. Shapes form and disappear. But this seemingly infinite complexity is just a shadow of something deeper - the underlying laws of nature. The world is beautiful to look at, but it is even more beautiful to understand." - From Professor Brian Cox's opening narration.

Episode 1 - The Universe in a Snowflake

Episode 1 - The Universe in a Snowflake
This episode uncovers how the stunning diversity of shapes in the natural world are shadows of the rules that govern the universe.

Episode 2 - Somewhere in Spacetime
Professor Brian Cox follows Earth's epic journey through space. He takes to the air in a top-secret fighter jet to race the spin of the planet and reverse the passage of the day.

Episode 3 - The Moth and the Flame
In this episode, Professor Brian Cox shows how Earth's basic ingredients, like the pure sulphur mined in the heart of a deadly volcano in Indonesia, have become the building blocks of life.

Episode 4 - The Pale Blue Dot
Brian Cox travels to Iceland, where the delicate splendour of a moonbow reveals the colours that paint our world, and he visits a volcano to explain why the sun shines.

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