Wonders of the Solar System

Wonders of the Solar System is a BBC science documentary series presented by Professor Brian Cox, exploring some of the most amazing features of our solar system. The series consists of five episodes, each of which deals with an aspect of the Solar System and features wonders relevant to the theme. Professor Brian Cox explains the wonders by using the latest scientific knowledge, images from space probes and rovers, and computer generated graphics. And also he visits many locations on Earth that have similar features to locations in other planets of the Solar System.

Episode 1 - Empire of the Sun

Episode 1 - Empire of the Sun
This episode illustrates how formation and the behaviour of the Sun affects each planet in the Solar System.

Episode 2 - Order Out of Chaos
This episode explains how the young solar system could be shaped by spinning storms, and then explores the Rings of Saturn.

Episode 3 - The Thin Blue Line
This episode looks at the atmosphere of Earth and that of Saturn's moon Titan.

Episode 4 - Dead or Alive
This episode looks at the size of planets, volcanoes, and the Jovian moon Io.

Episode 5 - Aliens
This episode covers life surviving in extreme environments, and how the search for life on other worlds follows the search for water, focusing on Mars, and on Jupiter's moon Europa.

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