The Planets

The Planets is a BBC documentary series tracing mankind's exploration of our solar system. The series consists of eight episodes, each of which deals with a different topic related to the exploration of our solar system: the creation of the planets, surface features of the planets, the secrets surrounding the massive planets, the moon, the sun, atmosphere, the possibilities of life elsewhere in our solar system, and the fate of the solar system. Using film footage from space missions of the United States and Russia, computer generated graphics, and interviews with scientists and astronauts, the series tells a story of mankind's exploration of our solar system and reveals the wonders of the planets.

Episode 1 - Different Worlds

Episode 1 - Different Worlds
This episode gives an introduction to the creation, composition and alien landscapes of the planets in our solar system, as well as tells a brief story of early space probes.

Episode 2 - Terra Firma
This episode looks at the surface features of the planets of Mars, Venus, the moons of Jupiter and Neptune.

Episode 3 - Giants
This episode looks at Voyager's expedition to the vast gas planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Episode 4 - Moon
This episode investigates our growing understanding of the origins of the moon.

Episode 5 - Star
This episode looks at the quest to understand the sun, from the simple etchings of the astronomer Galileo to the discoveries of the latest solar probes.

Episode 6 - Atmosphere
This episode describes the investigation of weather systems found throughout the solar system.

Episode 7 - Life
This episode examines how our understanding of the evolution of life on earth has changed, and explores the evidence for life on other planets.

Episode 8 - Destiny
This episode looks at the fate of the solar system and explores the new planetary systems that are being found around nearby stars.

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