Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking is a science documentary series written by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, dealing with secrets of the universe. The series consists of three episodes (Aliens, Time Travel and The Story of Everything) and tackles some big questions: "Are we alone?" "Is time travel possible?" "How did the universe begin?" "How will it end?" The first episode shows the possibility that alien life can be found in distant planets. The second episode deals with the possibilities of time travel. And the third episode is about how the universe began, how it creates stars black holes and life, and how everything will end.

Episode 1 - Aliens

Episode 1 - Aliens
Hawking joins science and imagination to explore one of the most important mysteries facing humankind - the possibility of alien, intelligent life and the likelihood of future "contact."

Episode 2 - Time Travel
The promise of time travel has long been one of the world's favorite scientific "what-ifs?" Hawking explores all the possibilities, warping the very fabric of time and space as he goes.

Episode 3 - The Story of Everything
In this episode, Hawking reveals the wonders of the cosmos to a new generation: how the universe began, how it creates stars, black holes and life - and how everything will end.

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