Inventions That Changed the World

Inventions That Changed the World is a BBC documentary series presented by Jeremy Clarkson, looking at some of the inventions that helped to shape the modern world. The series consists of five episodes, each of which tells the story of an invention - its history, development and how it helped shape the world we live in today - among the following: the gun, the computer, the jet, the telephone, and the television. The series examines not only how and why those inventions got off the ground in the first place, but also how they created a domino effect spawning other essential inventions in their wake.

Episode 1 - Gun

Episode 1 - Gun
Jeremy Clarkson discovers the history and development of the gun and even makes one of his own.

Episode 2 - Computer
Jeremy Clarkson reveals the origins of the computer and the recent areas of artificial intelligence.

Episode 3 - Jet
Jeremy Clarkson shows how much the Jet has changed the world by travelling around the world.

Episode 4 - Telephone
Jeremy Clarkson gives the details of the first telephones and shows how much has changed since its invention.

Episode 5 - Television
Jeremy Clarkson reveals the invention of the television and how it affected the world since its invention.

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