Ancient Inventions

Ancient Inventions is a BBC documentary series presented by Terry Jones, looking at great inventions of the ancient world and their influences in our modern world. The series consists of three episodes, which look at inventions we think of as unique to modern times when really they have been around for centuries and many even longer. The first episode City Life looks at the ancient inventions of city life such as skyscrapers and aqueduct. the second episode Sex and Love explores the ancient use of make-up. And the third and final episode War and Conflict features the ancient weapons that to some degree have the connections with modern weapons.

Episode 1 - City Life

Episode 1 - City Life
This episode explores the origins of our now familiar environment, from the invention of concrete, to city grid plans and monumental high-rise buildings.

Episode 2 - Sex and Love
This episode reveals that our ancient ancestors were just as obsessed with inventing new ways of looking good and turning each other on as we are today.

Episode 3 - War and Conflict
This episode explores the ancient inventions of war and conflict. Guided missiles, flame-throwers, chemical weapons, tanks, even the theory of the atom bomb - they're all ancient inventions.

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