Ancient Discoveries (Season 3)

Ancient Discoveries is a History Channel documentary series focusing on ancient technologies. The series shows that many inventions which are thought to be modern have ancient roots or in some cases may have been lost and then reinvented. Ancient Discoveries (Season 3) features technologies and inventions from the ancient Greece, Egypt, China and the East. Technologies and inventions discussed in the series include a Greek railway, Chinese wind-powered vehicles, Egyptian warfare and weaponry, Chinese inventions such as gunpowder and rockets, hydraulic hammers, and water-controlled clocks.

Episode 01 - Siege of Troy

Episode 01 - Siege of Troy
This episode reconstructs the legend of the Trojan War in Turkey. Achilles' duel against Hector and the sailing of the vast Mycenaean fleet are discussed.

Episode 02 - Cars and Planes
This episode examines transportation technology that existed in the ancient world. It discusses a Greek railway, Chinese wind-powered vehicles, and possibility of flying machines in Greece, Egypt and China.

Episode 03 - Machines of the Gods
This episode examines Greek and Roman technology designed for use in religious temples to create illusions that seemed miraculous.

Episode 04 - Super Ships
Extraordinary sailing vessels are examined, including the Khufu funeral ship in Egypt made entirely without metal nails; and a warship that could hold 7000 crewmen.

Episode 05 - Mega Machines
This episode examines ancient machines used in the large-scale engineering projects of the ancient world, particularly in Greece and Egypt.

Episode 06 - Egyptian Warfare
Egyptian warfare and weaponry are examined, including revolutionary weapon-making techniques; and the grand scale of their battles.

Episode 07 - Chinese Warfare
This episode explores the military innovations of ancient China, including gunpowder, flame throwers, rockets, automated crossbows, siege machines, and the grand scale of their battles.

Episode 08 - Machines of ancient China
This episode examines ancient Chinese technology such as cosmic machines, hydraulic hammers, water-controlled clocks and mass production plants powered by water.

Episode 09 - Robots
This episode examines ancient robotics taking a look at the automata of ancient China, the Hellenistic engineers Heron and Philon, the Arabic engineer Al-Jazari, the Byzantine Empire, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Episode 10 - Machines of the East
This episode looks at the inventions of Arabic engineers such as Al-Jazari, whose designs include automated water-lifting mechanisms, water-based clocks, and a variety of geared mechanisms.

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