Ancient Discoveries (Season 1 & 2)

Ancient Discoveries is a History Channel documentary series focusing on ancient technologies. The series shows that many inventions which are thought to be modern have ancient roots or in some cases may have been lost and then reinvented. The first two seasons of the series, each of which consists of three episodes, feature technologies from the Ancient Roman era such as the Antikythera mechanism and inventors such as Heron of Alexandria and Archimedes.

The series uses contributions from archaeologists and other experts, footage of historical sites and artifacts, computer generated reconstructions and dramatized reconstructions along with experiments and tests on reconstructed artifacts.

Ancient Discoveries Season 1

Episode 1 - Ancient Computer?
This episode investigates the Antikythera Mechanism, a computer-like device that may have been used to calculate the movements of stars and planets.

Episode 2 - Galen, Doctor to the Gladiators
This episode discusses ancient medical devices and procedures, and profiles the Greek physician Galen, who practiced eye and brain surgery 2,000 years ahead of his time.

Episode 3 - Heron of Alexandria
This episode discusses Heron of Alexandria, who created automatic doors and coin-operated machines.

Ancient Discoveries Season 2

Episode 1 - Ships
The lake Nemi ships, large Roman vessels that were salvaged from the lake in the 1930s and burned in 1944, are discussed, including technological discoveries from the ships.

Episode 2 - Warfare
Warfare technology is examined, including the Helepolis, a square fortified tower on wheels; and "Greek Fire", an incendiary liquid that stuck to people and objects and couldn't be extinguished with water.

Episode 3 - Machines II
This episode examines ancient mechanical devices: a jar that appears to be an electric battery, a flour mill in France that is run by waterwheels, and Archimedes' use of solar power to defeat the Romans.

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