Nature Tech (Biomimetics)

Nature Tech is a documentary series exploring biomimetics, the science of looking to nature for answers to modern problems. The series consists of three episodes: Magic of Motion about the aerodynamics of how animals fly, swim and walk; The Material World that looks at amazing materials in nature we can use; and Lifepower searching for more efficient ways to generate energy and use it, from nature. The series looks at many ideas from nature that humans have adopted and could adopt, from Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines to hydrogen cars and biomimetic robots. With microscopic views of animals' skin, leg and motion, the series explains how something in nature works and what ideas we can adopt from nature.

Episode 1 - Magic of Motion

Episode 1 - Magic of Motion
Most animals, and even a few plants, move. They swim, walk, run or fly in a wide range of ways. This episode looks at how designers of planes, cars and robots have found inspiration in nature.

Episode 2 - The Material World
Nature invented a whole range of hi-tec materials long before we invented ceramics and plastics. And not only are they often better, but nature has also invented ingenious ways of building with them.

Episode 3 - Lifepower
Nature has to be efficient in the way it processes information and uses energy so when scientists began to look at nature with biomimetic eyes, it's not surprising that they started to see entirely new visions for our future.

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