The Secrets of Quantum Physics

The Secrets of Quantum Physics is a two-part documentary series hosted by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, tracing the story of arguably the most important, accurate and yet perplexing scientific theory ever - quantum physics. The story starts at the beginning of the 20th century with scientists trying to better understand how light bulbs work. This simple question led them deep into the hidden workings of matter, into the sub-atomic building blocks of the world around us. Here they discovered phenomena unlike any encountered before - a realm where things can be in many places at once, where chance and probability call the shots and where reality appears to only truly exist when we observe it.

Episode 1 - Einstein's Nightmare

Episode 1 - Einstein's Nightmare
This episode reveals how, in the 1930s, Einstein thought he'd found a fatal flaw in quantum physics because it implies that sub-atomic particles can communicate faster than light in defiance of the theory of relativity.

Episode 2 - Let There Be Life
Can quantum mechanics explain the greatest mysteries in biology? This episode explores whether quantum physics might solve mysteries in biology.

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