Engineering an Empire

Napoleon: Steel Monster. For centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, French kings struggled for control against the church and the aristocracy and for European dominance. Chaos and bloody warfare rampaged inside and outside the country but one thing drove the nation forward: its unquenchable thirst for glory. Then France stood on the precipice of utter disaster as the French Revolution devolved into a period of brutal repression known as the Reign of Terror. From the ashes emerged one of the greatest military strategists in history, Napoleon, whose desire for glory was just as great as that of the French monarchs he had replaced. Throughout this history, France built brilliantly innovative, widely influential masterpieces that have given the world some of its greatest feats of engineering. This film looks at some of the great engineering feats that France accomplished when the country was under Napoleon's control, such as the majestic Notre Dame de Paris, the Canal du Midi and the Eiffel Tower.

Episode 12 - Napoleon: Steel Monster

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