The Mongol Hordes: Storm from the East

The Mongol Hordes: Storm from the East is a four-part documentary series telling the story of the Mongol Hordes, and how they conquered lands ranging from China to the footsteps of Europe and the Middle East. The series covers the life and accomplishments of Genghis Khan and examines the art, culture, science, and technology of Mongol civilization. Genghis Khan left not only a highly trained army, but the beginning of an imperial administrative framework, a system of taxation, a communications network - all of which were built upon and expanded by his successors.

Episode 1 - Birth of an Empire

Episode 1 - Birth of an Empire
This episode examines how Genghis Khan emerged from obscurity, united the Mongol tribes under his banner, and transformed an obscure nomadic people into a most formidable fighting machine.

Episode 2 - World Conquerors
This episode explores the power and influence of the Mongol Empire, under the rule of Genghis Khan and his son, Ogodei.

Episode 3 - Tartar Crusaders
This episode explores Europe's initial response to the Mongol onslaught, which was to presume it some form of divine retribution sent to punish a sinful world.

Episode 4 - Last Khan of Khans
This episode traces the life of the fifth Great Khan, Kublai Khan, who preferred to make his home in China, where he ruled as the first emperor of the Yuan dynasty.

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