Old Before My Time

Old Before My Time is a three-part documentary series hosted by Cherry Healey, investigating the alarming rise in numbers of young people suffering from illnesses associated with older people due to alcohol, drugs and obesity.

We all know that drinking, drugs and fast food are bad for you, but these days a life of excess isn't just leaving young people hungover, it's accelerating their age - hit by chronic conditions usually the preserve of pensioners, their young bodies and minds are ready for retirement.

Episode 1 - Alcohol

Episode 1 - Alcohol
Cherry Healey meets medical experts who are treating young recovering alcoholics like Jo, who has damaged her liver so much that her stomach is filled with 23 litres of fluid which must be drained every three weeks.

Episode 2 - Drugs
Cherry Healey meets young people who are having health problems associated with their past drug use and the medical experts who are treating them.

Episode 3 - Obesity
Cherry Healey meets young people who are dangerously obese and the surgeons who are treating them.

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