The Making of Modern Australia

The Making of Modern Australia is a four-part ABC documentary series hosted by William McInnes, about the history of modern Australia from 1945 until today. The series explores the most significant society-altering changes that Australians have experienced since the advent of the Second World War. This is the people's history of post-war Australia - offering rich personal and family stories, photographs and home movie footage that examine the social and cultural shifts of Australia over the past 60 years. It explores key themes such as parenting, relationships, the family home and faith and religion, and investigates some of the historical triggers that changed Australian society.

Episode 1 - The Australian Child

Episode 1 - The Australian Child
This episode explores what has happened to our (Australian) childhood since 1945.

Episode 2 - The Australian Dream
The Australian obsession to own your own home is so entrenched in Australian culture, there's even a phrase for it ... The Australian Dream.

Episode 3 - The Australian Heart
Humorous and revealing interviews combine with romantic images from the past to tell this amazing history of the Australian heart since World War Two.

Episode 4 - The Australian Soul
Of all the great shifts in Australian life since World War II, perhaps religion has travelled farthest.

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