The Story of Ireland

The Story of Ireland is a five-part BBC documentary series presented by Fergal Keane, examining the history of Ireland and its impact on the wider world, from the earliest times right up to the present day. Focusing on the big turning points in Irish history such as the Viking Invasion, the Great Famine, the Easter Rising and the War of Independence, the series looks at the evolution of the country in a global context - cultural, social, and economic, and its role on the international stage.

Episode 1 - The Age of Invasions

Episode 1 - The Age of Invasions
Far from being a remote European outpost, this episode charts the formation of Ireland's DNA by successive ways of invaders and settlers.

Episode 2 - The Age of Conquest
This episode examines how the huge upheavals of Europe in the Middle Ages altered the story of Ireland irrevocably.

Episode 3 - The Age of Revolution
This episode explores how the influx of Scottish Presbyterians, during the 17th century Plantation of Ulster, changed the makeup of the island and its subsequent history.

Episode 4 - The Age of Union
Starting with the 1801 Act of Union, when Ireland becomes part of the United Kingdom for the first time; this episode shows how modern Ireland comes into being through the great constitutional battles for Catholic Emancipation, Land Reform and Home Rule.

Episode 5 - The Age of Nations
This episode looks at the history of Ireland throughout the 20th century. The War of Independence in the south and the fierce resistance that ensued in the north lead to a partition of the island for the first time in its history.

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