Great Irish Journeys with Martha Kearney

George Victor Du Noyer (1817-1869) was an Irish painter, geologist and antiquary of Huguenot descent. Throughout his life, Du Noyer was often commissioned to draw or paint realistic depictions of locations all over Ireland (making many of his works interesting from an Irish historical perspective). Du Noyer's art includes works on plants, animals, fish, fossils, geology, maps, landscapes, people, country houses, historic buildings and antiquities, as well as on other subjects.

Great Irish Journeys with Martha Kearney is a four-part television documentary series hosted by Martha Kearney, tracing the footsteps of 19th-century artist and geologist Georges Victor Du Noyer who spent his life charting the landscape, people and buildings of Ireland. Martha retraces the journey of Georges Victor Du Noyer whose 35-year odyssey left a unique record of how Ireland looked during a period of great change.

Episode 1 - Du Noyer's work, Glendalough

Episode 1 - Du Noyer's work, Glendalough
Martha introduces us to Du Noyer's work. She enjoys his impressions of Glendalough - a place close to the hearts of her own parents. She gets wet at the Bog of Allen. And she marvels at the majesty of the Old Head of Kinsale.

Episode 2 - Dunluce Castle, Mussenden Temple
Martha travels north, taking in the extraordinary beauty of Dunluce Castle, and onwards to Mussenden Temple - only a romantic would expect to find a house here and only a lunatic would build it. She marvels at how Belfast was shaped by the Victorians.

Episode 3 - Places of Power in Ireland
Martha examines places of power in Ireland as seen through Du Noyer's eyes. She traces the movement of power from Newgrange, through the Rock of Cashel, sees the magnificent Waterford Charter Roll, and ends up at the sumptuous Castletown House.

Episode 4 - Spiritual trails
Martha hits the spiritual trail, starting with the Blasket Islands off the coast of Kerry. In the Dingle Peninsula, Du Noyer discovered clochans - stone beehive huts. Martha heads north on a spiritual trail, taking in the islands of the Fermanagh Lakelands - White Island, Boa Island and the renowned Station Island.

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