Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita

Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita is a ten-part television series hosted by Peter Kuruvita, exploring some of the world's most fascinating island communities, from the Philippines, down through Indonesia, across to Vanuatu and ending in the stunning Cook Islands. Peter Kuruvita embarks on a seafaring culinary adventure to discover the vibrant intricacies of island life and the tradition, passion and flair behind local cuisines and customs. This series provides an opportunity to explore the flavours of the Philippines, Indonesia, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands with these recipes.

Episode 01 - Northern Region of the Philippines

Episode 01 - Northern Region of the Philippines
Peter Kuruvita follows his lifelong appreciation for seafood and fishing culture to the culturally diverse northern region of the Philippines.

Episode 02 - Southern Luzon in the Philippines
Peter Kuruvita takes to the roads of the Philippines by adventurous means and explores the idea of sustainability amongst fishing communities in the Visayan Islands.

Episode 03 - Voodoo Island of Siquijor in the Philippines
On the last leg of his Filipino tour, Peter Kuruvita carefully explores the mysterious voodoo island of Siquijor, as well as the party island of Bohol and its famous Chocolate Hills.

Episode 04 - Indonesian Island of Sulawesi
Peter Kuruvita lands on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and moves from the hustle and bustle of the seafood markets in the capital of Makassar, to the salt fields and ship building yards along the south coast.

Episode 05 - Along the Old Spice Trade Routes of Picturesque Indonesia
Ancient journeys are retraced and new generations of renowned fishermen are met, as Peter Kuruvita sets sail along the old spice trade routes of picturesque Indonesia.

Episode 06 - Indonesia's Spice Islands
Peter Kuruvita navigates Indonesia's spice islands by sea, finds favourite ingredients at their source, and prepares a feast fit for a sultan.

Episode 07 - Way of Life for the People of Vanuatu
Peter Kuruvita learns how to hunt and gather the traditional islander way, against the stunning backdrop of sunny Vanuatu.

Episode 08 - Island of Tanna in Vanuatu
Peter Kuruvita bids farewell to pristine Vanuatu by cooking atop a volcano, sharing in a traditional Melanesian feast, and discovering the effects of the potent kava root.

Episode 09 - Island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands
The island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands provides Peter Kuruvita with not only spectacular vistas, but unique opportunities to learn from friendly locals how to hunt and gather native fare.

Episode 10 - Beautiful Areas of the Cook Islands
Peter Kuruvita explores breathtakingly beautiful areas of the Cook Islands, learning how to spearfish and hunt mud crabs by traditional means, before cooking a crowd favourite with a local twist for his final meal.

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