Wild Indonesia

Wild Indonesia is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by John Lynch, exploring the natural history of the Indonesian archipelago. The archipelago consists of 17,000 islands that are spread out along 5,000 kilometers of the Equator, between Asia and Australia. And also Indonesia is located in where the Pacific Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. The archipelago contains a diversity of natural features: active volcanoes, tropical rainforests, coral reefs, and many unique animal species like Komodo Dragons. Wild Indonesia consists of three episodes that tell the story of those fascinating natural features of the archipelago.

Episode 1 - Island Castaways

Episode 1 - Island Castaways
This episode visits the main islands of the Indonesian archipelago one by one, including Borneo, Sulawesi, Bali and New Guinea. And it tells their natural features - their geological origin, fauna and even human culture living in the islands.

Episode 2 - Underwater Wonderland
This episode explores the rich and varied flora and fauna in the seas around the Indonesian archipelago, where contains many active volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.

Episode 3 - Magical Forests
This episode explores the diversity of wildlife in the tropical rainforests of the archipelago: titan arum, tigers, elephants, hippos, orang-utans, tree-kangaroos, and many unique bird species found in New Guinea.

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