Wildest Islands of Indonesia

Wildest Islands of Indonesia is a five-part nature documentary series narrated by Paul McGann, exploring the landscapes and wildlife of the Indonesian archipelago. This series showcases the beautiful Indonesian islands that remain a wild paradise of giant flowers and coral gardens, of dragons, tigers, giant apes and glorious birds of paradise. Fifteen percent of the entire world's species are found in this unique region. These islands not only harbour smaller animals, but also a unique species of elephant and a crab that measures almost a metre wide. Wildest Islands of Indonesia explores the incredible wildlife of this extraordinary environment and reveals the remarkable ways in which life has been created, adapted and re-born over millions of years. These creatures have learnt to thrive and capitalise on some of the most powerful rainstorms on the planet, as well as uniquely adapt to the volcanic activity that constantly poses a threat to their existence.

Episode 1 - Kingdom of Giants

Episode 1 - Kingdom of Giants
Discover the diverse ecosystems of Indonesia's 17,000 islands, home to some of the largest creatures in the animal kingdom including the world's longest snake.

Episode 2 - Islands of the Monsoon
Indonesia lies in the heart of monsoon territory. Discover how creatures have learnt to thrive on some of the most powerful rainstorms on the planet.

Episode 3 - Volcano Nation
Indonesia is home to more active volcanoes than any other country on earth. How has the wildlife here uniquely adapted to the specific demands of life in the furnace?

Episode 4 - Secret Worlds
From deep below the ocean surface, to the vaulted canopies of Borneo's tallest trees, discover the hidden worlds of some of the planet's most fascinating creatures.

Episode 5 - Dragon's Domain
Indonesia's heat enables its reptilian residents to thrive. From the forest canopy to the coral-filled seas, how have these habitats become a dragon's domain?

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