4.370 Interrogative Design Workshop

4.370 Interrogative Design Workshop (Fall 2005, MIT OCW). Instructor: Professor Krzysztof Wodiczko. "Parrhesia" was an Athenian right to frank and open speaking, the right that, like the First Amendment, demands a "fearless speaker" who must challenge political powers with criticism and unsolicited advice. Can designer and artist respond today to such a democratic call and demand? Is it possible to do so despite the (increasing) restrictions imposed on our liberties today? Can the designer or public artist operate as a proactive "parrhesiatic" agent and contribute to the protection, development and dissemination of "fearless speaking" in Public Space? (from

Session 7 - Vito Acconci Studio
Session 16 - Pia Lindman
Session 20 - Judith Barry
Lecture 4 - Simon Starling

Interrogative Design Workshop (Fall 2005)
Instructor: Professor Krzysztof Wodiczko. Lecture Notes. Readings. Projects. Can designers and artists respond to such democratic calls and demands?