Architectural and Civil Engineering

This is a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in civil engineering and architectural engineering from educational institutions around the world. The courses and lectures cover various subjects in the fields of architectural and civil engineering, such as architectural structures, design of steel structures, engineering geology, engineering dynamics, fluid mechanics, finite element analysis, structural analysis, theory of city form, and transportation engineering.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Video 4.125 - Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes
Video 4.215J - Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry
Video/text 4.241J - Theory of City Form
Video/text 4.303 - The Production of Space: Art, Architecture and Urbanism in Dialogue
Video 4.370 - Interrogative Design Workshop
Video 4.696 - A Global History of Architecture Writing Seminar
Video/text 1.053J - Engineering Dynamics (Fall 2011)
Video/text 1.053J - Dynamics and Control I (Fall 2007)
Video/text 1.258J - Public Transportation Systems (Spring 2017)
Video/text 1.72 - Groundwater Hydrology
Video Res.2-002 - Linear Finite Element Analysis
Video Res.2-002 - Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Video/text ARCH 324 - Architectural Structures II

Saylor Academy on YouTube
Video Mechanical Engineering 102: Mechanics of Materials

Video ARCH 221 - History of Art and Architecture I

NPTEL Courses
Video Housing Policy and Planning
Video Landscape Architecture and Site Planning
Video Sustainable Architecture
Video Principles and Applications of Building Science
Video Project Planning and Control
Video Strength of Materials
Video Modern Construction Materials
Video Hydration, Porosity and Strength of Cementitious Materials
Video Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
Video Concrete Technology
Video Concrete Engineering and Technology
Video Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Video Building materials and Construction
Video Design of Steel Structures
Video Structural Dynamics (IIT Bombay)
Video Structural Dynamics (IIIT Hyderabad)
Video Stochastic Structural Dynamics
Video Soil Dynamics
Video Mechanics of Solids
Video Geology and Soil Mechanics
Video Geomorphology
Video Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering
Video Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering 2
Video Seismic Analysis of Structures
Video Engineering Geology
Video Environmental Geomechanics
Video Geosynthetics Engineering: In Theory and Practice
Video Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structures
Video Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Video Ground Improvement Techniques
Video Environmental Air Pollution
Video Fluid Mechanics
Video Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Video Transportation Engineering II
Video Urban transportation planning
Video Water and Waste Water Engineering
Video Water Resources Systems : Modeling Techniques and Analysis
Video Watershed Management
Video Advanced Foundation Engineering
Video Hydraulics
Video Advanced Hydraulics
Video Ground Water Hydrology
Video Stochastic Hydrology
Video Life Cycle Assessment
Video GPS Surveying
Video Modern Surveying Techniques
Video Digital Land Surveying and Mapping
Video Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Video Finite Element Method for Structural Dynamic and Stability Analyses
Video Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
Video Probability Methods in Civil Engineering