Project Planning and Control

Project Planning and Control. Instructor: Prof. Koshy Varghese, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. This course will cover the basic concepts in Project Planning and Control with a focus on construction projects. The course is relevant to Civil Engineering senior level undergraduate as well as post-graduate students in the area of construction management. Practicing engineers who are part of the planning team on construction projects will also benefit from the concepts covered in the course. (from

What is Project Management?

Introduction, Course Context, Construction Project Management
Lecture 01 - What is Project Management?
Lecture 02 - Objectives of a Project, Scientific Way of Managing of Objectives
Lecture 03 - Course Scope and Plan, Questions and Discussions
Lecture 04 - Construction Industry and National Growth
Lecture 05 - Project Stakeholders, Project Phases, Project Organization
Lecture 06 - Project Scheduling Levels (and Scheduling Engineer Responsibilities)
Time Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt Charts
Lecture 07 - Time Management: Overview
Lecture 08 - Basics of Work Breakdown Structure
Lecture 09 - Tools for Time Management
Lecture 10 - Gantt/Bar Chart: History, Representation, Process Monitoring, etc.
Lecture 11 - Develop a Bar Chart (Exercise)
Lecture 12 - Bar Charts for Resource Usage - Pros and Cons
Duration Estimation, Network Representation and Analysis
Lecture 13 - Duration Estimation: Types, Inputs, Methods, Parametric Estimation
Lecture 14 - Factors Influencing Productivity, Example for Ideal Productivity, Factored Productivity and Working Time Factor
Lecture 15 - Piling Activity Example, Applicability of Different Methods to Estimate Activity Duration
Lecture 16 - Summary of Key Topics, Types of Networks
Lecture 17 - Networks - Introduction, Techniques
Lecture 18 - Representing Results in a Bar Chart, AON Example
Network Representation and Analysis; Two-Span Bridge
Lecture 19 - Introduction to Floats, Types of Floats and Example
Lecture 20 - Usage of Floats for Project Decisions
Lecture 21 - Two-Span Bridge: Activity Identification and Duration Estimation
Lecture 22 - Two-Span Bridge: Activity Identification and Duration Estimation (cont.)
Lecture 23 - Two-Span Bridge: Activity-Duration Predecessors
Lecture 24 - Review of Network Analysis Concepts, Apply Network Analysis to Two-Span Bridge
Lecture 25 - Two-Span Bridge: Network Analysis
Lecture 26 - Two-Span Bridge: Resource Constraints in Network Logic
Time-Cost Trade-Off (Crashing)
Lecture 27 - Fast-Tracking vs Crashing, Relationship between Activity Direct Cost and Activity Duration
Lecture 28 - Time-Cost Trade-Off: ABCD Example Project, Steps for Crashing
Lecture 29 - Time-Cost Trade-Off: Class Exercise
Lecture 30 - Time-Cost Trade-Off: Problem, Tabulation Approach
Lecture 31 - Incorporating Factors such as Bonus and Penalty
Resource Scheduling
Lecture 32 - What is Resource?
Lecture 33 - Projects and Resources, Example of Two Resources, Two-Span Bridge Example
Lecture 34 - Review Problems; Resolving Overallocation
Lecture 35 - Problem - Two Resources; Resolving Resource Allocation Problems
Lecture 36 - Resource Profile Requirements
Lecture 37 - Resource Leveling - Example Network
Lecture 38 - Minimum Moment Concept
Lecture 39 - Applying Improvement Factor - Illustration
Precedence Diagramming Method, Project Monitoring and Control
Lecture 40 - Introduction to Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)
Lecture 41 - PDM Network Representation and its Issues, Network Calculation
Lecture 42 - PDM - Problem
Lecture 43 - Issues in PDM, Negative Lags
Lecture 44 - PDM - Analysis with Non-continuous Duration, Floats
Lecture 45 - Defining Relationship (based on Construction Method) - Simple Shed
Lecture 46 - Project Monitoring and Control - Typical Project Time Monitoring Process
Lecture 47 - Project Control Process, Daily Progress Report, Macro Level Update
Lecture 48 - Application: Two Span Bridge - ES Schedule
Project Monitoring and Control (Earned Value Concept), Uncertainty in Project Schedules
Lecture 49 - Review of Key Issues in Project Monitoring, Earned Value Concept through Example
Lecture 50 - Basic Earned Value Definitions and Terminology
Lecture 51 - Uncertainty in Project Schedules
Lecture 52 - PERT Background and Assumptions, Stepwise Procedure
Lecture 53 - PERT Example Problem
Lecture 54 - Course Conclusion
Lecture 55 - Emerging Trends/Tools in Project Planning
Lecture 56 - Industry Perspective - Prof. N. Raghavan
Lecture 57 - Final Example Pattern, Acknowledgements

Project Planning and Control
Instructor: Prof. Koshy Varghese, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. This course will cover the basic concepts in Project Planning and Control with a focus on construction projects.