Modern Surveying Techniques

Modern Surveying Techniques. Instructor: Prof. S. K. Ghosh, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee. The use of aerial photography and remote sensing has made it possible to map large areas with greater accuracy for producing thematic maps of large areas, for resource exploitation and management. Handling of large volumes of data for quantitative spatial variation of data requires appropriate tools to process the spatial data using statistical methods and time series analysis. With the introduction of computer assisted cartography, many new tools were developed to perform spatial analysis of the data and to produce maps in desired formats. These operations required a powerful set of tools for collecting, storing, retrieving, transforming, and displaying spatial data from the real world for a particular set of purposes. This set of tools constitutes a Geographic Information System (GIS). (from

Geographic Information System: An Introduction

Lecture 01 - Geographic Information System: An Introduction
Lecture 02 - Introduction to Global Positioning System
Lecture 03 - GPS Positioning Methods
Lecture 04 - GPS Solutions and Errors
Lecture 05 - GPS Application
Lecture 06 - Remote Sensing: An Introduction
Lecture 07 - Electromagnetic Spectrum
Lecture 08 - Sensors and Platform
Lecture 09 - Sensors and Platform (cont.)
Lecture 10 - Image Interpretation
Lecture 11 - Statistical Evaluation of RS Data
Lecture 12 - Rectification and Restoration
Lecture 13 - Image Enhancement
Lecture 14 - Image Transformation
Lecture 14b - Orthogonal Transformation
Lecture 15 - Image Classification (Supervised Classification)
Lecture 16 - Image Classification (Unsupervised Classification)
Lecture 17 - Spatial Filtering - Noise Removal
Lecture 18 - Spatial Filtering - Edge Removal
Lecture 19 - Photogramatic - Basic Concepts of a Single Photography
Lecture 20 - Stereoscopy - Basic Concepts
Lecture 21 - Stereoscopy - Geometry of Overlapping Photography
Lecture 22 - Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Lecture 23 - Digital Elevation Model - Basic Concepts
Lecture 24 - Digital Elevation Model - Data Input and Stamping
Lecture 25 - Digital Elevation Model - Surface Representation and Analysis
Lecture 26 - GIS - Introductory Concepts
Lecture 27 - GIS - Data Input
Lecture 28 - Data Verification and Editing
Lecture 29 - GIS Data Model
Lecture 30 - GIS Database
Lecture 31 - Spatial Analysis
Lecture 32 - Map Overlay and Spatial Correlation
Lecture 33 - Application to Drought Management
Lecture 34 - GIS Based Planning Model for Educational Facilities in Rural Areas
Lecture 35 - Application Extraction of Building Attributes
Lecture 36 - Zonal Based Tourism Planning
Lecture 37 - Zonal Planning using Remote Sensing
Lecture 38 - Municipal GIS for Assessment of Property Tax
Lecture 39 - Application of Remote Sensing

Modern Surveying Techniques
Instructor: Prof. S. K. Ghosh, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee. This course deals with topics in modern surveying techniques such as GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing.