ART 100 - Looking at Art

ART 100: Looking at Art (Fall 2013, csuDHTV). Instructor: Professor Kirstin Ellsworth. The course helps students learn to perceive art through discussion of selected historical periods, development of a descriptive vocabulary, and observation of actual works of art. The course also includes an introduction to theories of interpretation and evaluation.

Lecture 01 - What is Art?
Lecture 02 - Themes of Art
Lecture 03 - The Visual Elements
Lecture 04 - Principles of Design
Lecture 05 - Portraiture with Ingrid Steiner, Drawing
Lecture 06 - Guide to the Archival Collections with Gregory Williams, Printmaking
Lecture 07 - Graphic Design
Lecture 08 - Prints with Frank Ellsworth, Crafts and Architecture
Lecture 09 - Holly Jerger of Craft & Folk Art Museum, Ancient Mediterranean Worlds
Lecture 10 - Art of Athens & Greece, Early Church Buildings, Medieval Art
Lecture 11 - The Baroque in Europe (17th Century), Rococo (18th Century)
Lecture 12 - Arts of Ancient India, China, Japan, Easter Island, and Americas
Lecture 13 - The Modern World of Art