This is a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in music, visual arts and performing arts from educational institutions around the world. The courses and lectures cover a variety of subjects in arts such as architecture, history of art, modern art, music, performing arts, and visual arts.

Open Yale courses
Audio/video MUSI 112 - Listening to Music with Craig Wright
Audio/video HSAR 252 - Roman Architecture
Video Yale Art Gallery - Let This Be a Lesson (Fall 2013)

Missouri State University on YouTube
Video MUS 239 - Introduction to World Music
Video MUS 241 - The Language of Music
Video THE 101 : Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts

California State University Dominguez Hills on YouTube
Video ART 100 - Looking at Art (Fall 2014)
Video ART 100 - Looking at Art (Fall 2013)
Video MUS 101 - Introducing Music (Fall 2015)
Video MUS 101 - Introducing Music (Spring 2012)
Video THE 100 - Introduction to Television, Film and Theatre (Spring 2014)
Video THE 100 - Introduction to Television, Film and Theatre (Spring 2013)
Video THE 120 - Fundamentals of Speech (Summer 2010)

Otis College of Art and Design on YouTube
Video Modern Art History

MIT OpenCourseWare
Video/text 21L.011 - The Film Experience
Video/text 21L.432 - Understanding Television

NPTEL Courses
Video Appreciating Carnatic Music
Video Elements of Visual Representation
Video Introducing Modern Western Art: Movements and Artists
Video Introduction to Film Studies
Video Film Appreciation
Video Folk and Minor Art in India
Video Understanding Design Thinking and People Centred Design

UC Berkeley Webcast
Video Practice of Art (Fall 2013)
Video Practice of Art (Spring 2013)

Podcasts from the University of Oxford
Audio Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Lectures
Audio Art Across the Black Diaspora: Visualizing Slavery in America

Video ARCH 221 - History of Art and Architecture I

Gresham College Public Lectures
Video Aspects of Authenticity
Video Christian Faith and Modern Art
Video Christian Themes in Art
Video European Capitals of Music
Video Men, Women and Guitars in Romantic England
Video Music, Imagination and Experience in the Medieval World
Video Music in Context
Video The Making of a Masterpiece