THE 100: Introduction to Television, Film and Theatre

THE 100: Introduction to Television, Film and Theatre (Spring 2013, csuDHTV). Instructor: Professor Naomi Buckley.. This course aims to develop an appreciation for the artistic expressions of theatre - drama, ballet, mime, opera, circus, musical comedy and mass media. The course will enhance a student's ability to develop insightful judgments about these forms by learning more about their production processes.

Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - The Audience
Lecture 03 - Tragedy and Comedy, History of Film
Lecture 04 - History of Theatre, Directing
Lecture 05 - Asian Theatre, A Raisin in the Sun
Lecture 06 - Acting
Lecture 07 - Theatre of Diversity and Musical Theatre
Lecture 08 - Shakespeare, Playwriting
Lecture 09 - Television and Television Production
Lecture 10 - Melodrama, Scenic Design
Lecture 11 - Design: Costumes
Lecture 12 - Design: Lights and Sound
Lecture 13 - Restoration and 18th Century Theatre, Review