MUS 101: Introducing Music

MUS 101: Introducing Music (Fall 2015, csuDHTV). Instructor: Professor Scott Morris. This course covers the technique of listening to music, the elements of music, musical forms, and historical styles. The course studies the basic elements of music, including notation, rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals and chords.

Lecture 01 - Introduction and the Elements of Music: Pitch, Dynamics, Tone Color
Lecture 02 - The Elements of Music: Rhythm, Meter, Tempo, Harmony, Chords, Musical Texture
Lecture 03 - Brief Overview of Western Musical Styles, Music of The Middle Ages
Lecture 04 - Music of the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Lecture 05 - Music of the Renaissance and the Baroque Period
Lecture 06 - Music of the Baroque Period (cont.)
Lecture 07 - Music of the Classical Period
Lecture 08 - Music of the Classical Period: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lecture 09 - Music of the Classical Period: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Lecture 10 - Music of the Romantic Period
Lecture 11 - Music of the Early 20th Century (1900-1945)
Lecture 12 - Music of the 20th Century since 1945
Lecture 13 - Jazz
Lecture 14 - Review