THE 101: Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts

THE 101: Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts (Missouri State University). Instructor: Professor Robert Bradley. THE 101 aims to answer several questions, the most important of which is, "what is the nature of the theatre experience?" Why do people do theatre? What do they hope to accomplish? What is the relationship between the performers and the audience? How has the relationship between theatre and society developed throughout history from the early theatres of democratic Athens to the contemporary mega-musical? The course looks at drama and theatre arts as art, literature, business, and entertainment, and it examines the creative processes of theatre - writing, design, directing, and acting - which move from idea to script to performance. Because theatre, by its very nature, is interactive and interdisciplinary, this course encourages students to develop their own imaginations and to be open-minded in their responses to the theatre experience. It encourages considered, critical evaluation of difficult or challenging material and asks students to develop their capacity for interpretation, evaluation, and cultural understanding.


Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Interview with Dr. Michael Mauldin
Lecture 03 - The Audience
Lecture 04 - Theatre, Film, Television and Public Affairs
Lecture 05 - Musical Theatre
Lecture 06 - Development of the American Musical
Lecture 07 - Golden Age of the American Musical
Lecture 08 - Interview with Michael Brill
Lecture 09 - The Play
Lecture 10 - Structure of a Play
Lecture 11 - Interview with Sandra Fenichel Asher
Lecture 12 - Interview with Paula Caplan
Lecture 13 - Interview with Sherri Kramer
Lecture 14 - Interview with Dr. Tita Baumlin
Lecture 15 - Theatre Organization
Lecture 16 - The Director
Lecture 17 - Interview with Dr. Michael Mauldin
Lecture 18 - Interview with Roy Hamlin
Lecture 19 - Interview with Jack Laufer
Lecture 20 - Interview with Tess Harper
Lecture 21 - Interview with Milton Blankenship
Lecture 22 - Interview with Student Actors
Lecture 23 - The Visual Designers
Lecture 24 - Interview with Louis Schaeffer
Lecture 25 - Theatre Architecture and Performance Spaces
Lecture 26 - The Producer
Lecture 27 - Interview with Byrne Blackwood and Mark Templeton
Lecture 28 - Interview with Enoch Morris
Lecture 29 - Interview with Beth Domann
Lecture 30 - Summing Up