ART 100: Looking at Art

ART 100: Looking at Art (Fall 2014, csuDHTV). Instructor: Professor James Scarborough. The course helps students learn to perceive art through discussion of selected historical periods, development of descriptive vocabulary and observation of actual works of art. The course also includes an introduction to theories of interpretation and evaluation.

Lecture 01 - What is Art?
Lecture 02 - Themes in Art
Lecture 03 - The Elements of Art
Lecture 04 - The Principles of Design
Lecture 05 - Painting and Drawing
Lecture 06 - Prints, Camera Art, Computer Art
Lecture 07 - Graphic Design, Sculpture and Installation
Lecture 08 - Architecture
Lecture 09 - Art from Ancient Mediterranean Worlds to the Middle Ages in Europe
Lecture 10 - The Prominence of the Renaissance
Lecture 11 - Art During the Renaissance and Rococo Periods
Lecture 12 - Art of the Modern World (1800-1945)
Lecture 13 - From Modern to Postmodern