THE 120: Fundamentals of Speech

THE 120: Fundamentals of Speech (Summer 2010, csuDHTV). Instructor: Professor Bill DeLuca. Introduction to the basic principles of speech communication. Classes cover the use of organization and evidence in speech preparation, and emphasize research and performance techniques. Students develop speeches for a variety of topics and situations.

Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Examples of Great Speeches, How the Voice Works
Lecture 03 - Improving Your Voice, Effective Public Speaking, Speeches of Introduction
Lecture 04 - Critical Listening & Public Speaking, Interviews
Lecture 05 - Understanding Your Audience, Storytelling
Lecture 06 - Finding and Using Supporting Materials, Anecdotes
Lecture 07 - Organizing and Outlining Your Speech, Beginnings and Endings, Cultural Events
Lecture 08 - Wording Your Speech, Delivering Your Speech, Gesturing
Lecture 09 - Using Visual Aids, Informative Speeches
Lecture 10 - Persuasive Speeches, Student Speeches (Informative Speeches)
Lecture 11 - Argumentation and Critical Thinking, Examples of Persuasive Speeches
Lecture 12 - Speaking in Community Settings, Student Speeches (Persuasive Speeches)
Lecture 13 - Review and Evaluation